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ギャラリーの名前は、【 SAMNICON (サムニコン)】と言います。SAMNICONは禅における言葉SAM(作務)とNICON(而今)を合わせた造語です。SAM(作務)は食事、掃除、洗濯、農作業など、仕事と生活そのものを示し、NICON(而今)は中今を大切に生きるということを示しています。日々の暮らしの一瞬一瞬を慈しむことによって、五感が養われ、思いやりや優しさなどの大切さに気づき、豊かに楽しく過ごしていける場所でありますように。

The name of the gallery is 【SAMNICON】. SAMNICON is a word coined from the Zen words SAM (samu) and NICON (nikon). SAM (作務) refers to work and life itself, such as eating, cleaning, washing clothes, and farming, NICON (而今) means living in the present moment with care. We hope that by cherishing each moment of our daily lives, we can nurture our senses, realize the importance of compassion and kindness, and spend our time in a rich and enjoyable way.





Through design, while looking ahead to the future, I think it is important to propose a careful life that can be handed down to the next generation and a meaningful life for the future through design, while looking ahead to the future.

We think about how to be comfortable for ourselves and kind to others, We think about how we can be kind to ourselves and to others, and we take in things that are good for the body and the soul while raising our children, When I thought about the connection with nature and was thankful to be alive, my naves turned to nature.
Until now, SyuRo's products have been organic skin care using herbs and organic food made by welfare, We have been offering organic skin care using herbs and herbs for use as meals for the welfare of people in need.
We believe that it is important to feel the seasons and take in foods that are good for the body without using chemicals.
I think it is really important to receive the energy of the earth in a moderate and proper way.
That is why I have been searching for a way to live while living somewhere in the suburbs for the past few years. I have been to Scandinavia, Tasmania, Hokkaido, Okinawa and Shizuoka, and fishing.

We will maintain our office, store and staff in Tokyo while developing our wholesale activities and design business more efficiently, The site in Oyoda in Nagano will be used as an interior gallery, and a small river, pond, and field will be built on the site, We hope to create a small, small earth cycle (permaculture-based recycling) within the premises.

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